Question Steam games resizing + overlays too big (using 4k TV)

Orbit Storm

Dec 24, 2014
I've done a tremendous amount of Googling with zero luck. My wife is currently using our 50" 4k TV for her PC. Her resolution is set to 1920x1080 (PC wouldn't be able to handle 4k itself) and she has Win10's DPI scaling enabled at 150% for readability.

All other games seem to work fine but with Steam and in particular, The Forest, the Steam Overlay and the GeForce Experience Overlay is too big and the corners are off the edge of the screen (notably FPS counters). I've tried enabling the High DPI Override and setting it to System but that doesn't appear to work. Oddly enough, the game gets much brighter than all other games on her system too; she hasn't changed the game from default settings so something on her system is triggering that brightness too.

I'm really at a loss for what may be causing this, aside from Win10's DPI scaling but I'd really rather not disable that for her.

For what it's worth, her GPU (a GTX 950) is using the latest drivers and the latest version of GeForce Experience.

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