Steam In Home Streaming Issue: White Screen


Aug 9, 2017
For the past few days i've been streaming the Resident Evil 2 remake from my desktop to my old HP pavilion laptop with no issues whatsoever.
Two days ago when i tried to stream again the picture on my laptop was saturated white, as if the brightness setting was put to max. I tried streaming other games from my library and they all had the same problem. I hadn't changed any settings on either computer so it's odd for this to have happened out of the blue. I tried changing host stream settings, upgrading drivers, changing the picture settings from the client side, and restarting both PCs, every attempt at solving the problem has been met with failure.
My host desktop is running Windows 10, and the client is running Ubuntu 18.04, both devices wired to the same network.
Any and all help is appreciated, i'm pretty desperate at this point.
Desktop Host Specs:
I7 7700k
GTX 1070ti
8gb RAM


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