Steam on 2 drives

Jan 2, 2019
Hello, I just installed an SSD in my PC recently, and everything was perfectly fine until I used steam.
I have 1 SSD with Windows 10,
And 1 HDD with Windows 10 also.
I went to my HDDs steam folder, and made a shortcut from the steam.exe
And copied it to my SSD. It launched fine, but when I launched Terraria,
I noticed one of my characters were missing. I quickly checked my HDD, and saw him there. Instead of copying and pasting him to my SSD, I figured I'd boot to my HDD and use cloud saves. (stupid and unnecessary I know)
But when I launched steam on the HDD, something popped up on the bottom right of my screen saying something like "disk ran into error, restart to fix issue"
I ignored it figuring it was just getting confused with me swapping drives, and when I switched back to ssd it would fix. When I restarted my PC I got a blue screen saying a drive crashed and had to be repaired or something like that, while my power button's led flashed and made beeping sounds.
I unplugged my HDD and restarted the PC again and it started automatic repairs. I got to the login screen but after putting in my password it just loaded and didn't stop. Restarted my PC again and this time instead of it saying loading it said repairing Windows. After a while I got to the desktop but something popped up saying the drive was corrupted, would I like to empty my recycling bin. I clicked yes, but it kept popping up. I tried reinstalling windows from settings but everything froze when I picked an option. Finally reinstalled windows using the windows 10 iso, deleted all the previous partitions, and I have a clean install of Windows now. But before I installed Steam, I wanted to ask here to see if anyone knows what happened, or has had a similar issue before so I don't have to go through all of this again. Could it have been because I originally cloned my HDD to ssd but then reinstalled windows on the ssd?
Or was this because steam was getting confused? In the end I'm hoping I can keep steam and my games on the HDD, and just make some sort of shortcut to launch it from the ssd but I don't know if it's possible. Sorry for the long story but I wanted you guys to know exactly what happened. Thanks in advance.


Too much back and forth there.

Steam client on the SSD.
Games can live on either or both drives.

Assuming you are starting from a stable configuration, where everything actually works...
Steam games location
In the steam client:
Steam Library Folders
Add library folder

To move an already installed game
Games library
Right click the game
Local Files
Move Install Folder
Jan 2, 2019

This worked perfect! Thank you! Pretty much everything was cloud saved, and what wasn't, I could just copy the files over.

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