Steam Updates Item Trading Policy To Curb Gambling Issues

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Steam kind of has started restricting. If users for example dont have a cell number. Having to price items when posted make it nearly impossible to sale anything with a wait of 15 days. Valve should think about price setting once the 15 day wait has cleared.


Feb 21, 2016
hum.. that seems like trash to me,
glad I'm playing Destiny, lets see glimmer limit 25000 , legenday marks 200 and that's for 3 characters, no farming chance there and no trading, you want something in destiny better play for it and grind for that perfect roll :)


Aug 5, 2009
cant wait till every game with a gamble mechanic gets slapped hard. overwatch, tf2, csgo are a few of the ones i know if where you have to pay money to roll the dice to get an item.


Mar 10, 2011
Having to price items when posted make it nearly impossible to sale anything with a wait of 15 days.

Yeah, that restriction is such loathsome rubbish. I usually do the 3 queues per day during winter and summer sales to get lots of free cards, then sell them off on the Market to get the funds for the cards I actually want (missing ones from the sets of the games I play). This last sale, couldn't do it - thanks to this nonsense. Couldn't complete a set either, got quadruplicates and triplicates of most cards but didn't get a single specimen of one elusive card. Ended up turning them all into gems - at least they had the decency to not remove them from our inventories when the sale ended and its cards expired. I want to opt out from this "security measure", but just like with many users' request for ability to pay the full price for non-regionlocked games you can gift to friends in ROW even if you're in a heavily discounted region (Asia, RU/CIS), Steam is deaf to what the users actually ask for.
Well, there's no way they can stop people selling/buyint virtual items for real money unless y9u completely eliminate item trading capabilities, which would be terrible (although it's getting more and more common)


May 14, 2013
Maybe Valve has not directly received revenue from these gambling sites, but they have absolutely profited from them indirectly. They also evade directly answering if they've ever coordinated with these sites in any way, which is the accusation that's been made.

They may have maintained plausible deniability, but they were absolutely complicit in enabling this illegal gambling operation to thrive. They're not stupid, they closely monitor their community, and they knew exactly what was going on. They should've fixed this a long time ago, and they're only now addressing it because federal regulators are stepping in to put a stop to it.
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