Steam Website not loading


Mar 25, 2010
Hi there I have for the past few weeks not been able to load any Valve associated website to be more precise Steam website on my pc. Doeesn't matter whether I use IE, CHROME or FIREFOX. There always appears to be a Gate Way timeout error. This all started about a week ago. Yesterday I still had Steam installed on my computer and Steam Store page in Steam would also not load. Any other game website by Valve also doesn't load. THis error always appears:

Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:
 A gateway timeout occurred. The server is unreachable. Retry the request.

 Please contact the administrator. 

So today I checked if its only like that on my computer, so I tried loading the Steam website on my parents computer and it gave me the same error. Back when Steam was still installed on my computer which was 3 days ago, the Steam Store page could never load in Steam itself. Every other website works with my internet, literally!
These links are discussions on the same problem as I have, I put it there just to give you a bit of background information 



Please can someone help me 

do you have a router before the modem? check settings there.

if nothing there, open cmd, type in tracert

see which server gives you the problem.

then type in ipconfig /flushdns

then use the tracert command again, if you still getting the same issue, contact your ISP.