Question Steel Legend B450M -- mining with dual GPUs ?

Feb 9, 2021
Hello Guys,

I hope someone can help me on this, I currently have the Steel Legend B450M with a RX 5600 XT 6Gb and just started on cryptocurrency mining, I would like to if its possible to add another GPU (RX 580 8Gb) on this Mobo to increase the mining capabilities?
The Steel Legend has a 2nd PCIe x16/4 slot that's connected to the chipset. That means it will be limited to x4/gen2 bandwidth which would be pretty bad for gaming but for a miner might work out well enough. If you have it in an mATX case it may not fit but that should be easily enough fixed if sitting open-air like a proper ghetto mining rig. You also may have to re-connect or remove some SATA drives if they are 'stealing' it's PCIe lanes.

I have to imagine that with mining what it is today an rx580 won't generate as much revenue as it burns in electricity. But if you're running on solar panels and have the spare GPU sitting around I guess it's nearly free so why not.