SteelSeries Arctis 7 Vs Sennheiser Game One

Dec 27, 2018
Just got the SteelSeries Arctis7 since my SteelSeries Sibera v2 Heat Orange that i loved started to make some noises and mic cutting off.

From the start I found the Arctis7 sound a bit overwhelming and very confusing in game since the game came from every direction possible making me not know where enemies were coming from. but after almost 2 weeks of tweeking (EQ and disabling DTS) its gotten much better but I'm still not loving the sound from them.
So then after some more research I bought another ehaset from a company that i have another set heaphones and got the Sennheiser game one since it had equally great reviews as the Arctis7. Now this set started off with very low sound like coming from inside a well. After some more interweb search I bought a FiiO A3 and they sound much better. Now im not sure which one i should keep and which i should return.

SteelSeries Arctic 7
Pros- has most comfort and sound is great for movies and music.Cheaper
Cons- wireless(will die eventually), too many buttons I keep pressing when removing/putting headset. Sound is kinda crappy for FPSs

Sennheiser Game One
Pros-Long wire,Sound is much more balanced
Cons- Cushions are a bit hard and not as comfortable, needs a preamp (another thing sitting on my desk)

So in terms of best bang for the buck and best quality, which should I keep or return/keeep? OR should I get something else?

Thanks in advanced.Sorry for the very long post

PS: i mainly play Destiny2 and Battlefield1
(yes i know old games. I cant afford new computer to play new games)



Oct 21, 2014
I have had my pair of the white game one for quite some time now and I haven't been disappointed once with them. Sound does have a little less bass but if you are playing shooters that's not and issue. They are comfortable, open ear and well made. I haven't really had any break down of the ear pads and I use the headset everyday. If they broke today I would buy another set again.