Review SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Review: Like the Nova Pro...but not as good


Jan 19, 2006
I was a little disappointed with the drivers as well. They have a slight bump in upper bass that makes them slightly muddy. The low end is ok but it just does not have low end extension(this may be excusable in this price range). The mid range is just not present and clear(maybe because of their eq curve). The High end is ok. I hear a bump in the high end. If I had the ability to disable their eq curve I think I might like these a little better or if it had an audiophile setting and a gaming setting. I would prefer a flatter eq curve for audio while there is room for eq in gaming. The fit is ok. They feel a little tight. This might improve with wear. It could just be my head size though... If you have a larger head these might get uncomfortable over time. The features are pretty good. Over all they are ok, just not sure they are $300+ ok. My daily driver headphones cost significantly more than these, are made by a know high quality audio manufacturing company that makes some really expensive high quality gear and are wired so my bar may be unrealistically high. These would sound pretty good to someone who spends less than $50 typically on headphones.