Dec 6, 2008
Hello Folks...I need to probability of success.

Current System

Saumsung 24" 2253bw - 8000:1 / 2ms response.

Running XP pro
CPU: E8400 duo 3.0 (not OC)
M/B: Asus P5N-D - Nvidia Chipset SLI avail.
RAM: 3GB DDR - PC2 - 6400
GPU: nvidia 9800 GT 512mb

My question folks is: sometimes the system hangs. Especially when I'm flipping through Firefox (now it could be a firefox issue itself) not sure. Also Wow (World of Warcraft) can lag, and sounds can lag up to 30 seconds behind video.

I'm also considering the jump to Windows 7.

IF I simply upgrade the amount and type of the ram I have. Say to 8GB and switched my GPU to say a GTX 560 ti. Would that eliviate the issues, for say 2 years?

Thanks a bundle STB.

Consider I don't run anything really really demanding, save WOW. and perhaps Sibelius (music notation software, takes input from digital keyboard and puts it into notes, very big library files.


Jun 25, 2010
The issue is unlikely to be an issue with speed on your current system.

It might be something went wrong with your OS, or some of the Hardware might be overheating. If the lag issue is the only thing bothering you I doubt you need an upgrade to fix it.

Upgrading the RAM won't be worthwhile because DDR2 is very expensive compared to DDR3 at the moment. Especially when you compare the speed. A GPU upgrade won't hurt anything but it is the least likely to have anything to do with your problem. It may be an issue with CPU or motherboard but it is very unlikely that upgrading RAM and GPU would alleviate the issue at all.

Try Defragging and running a virus check to see if that helps the problem.