Oct 24, 2013
Hi folks,

So I've recently been thinking about getting a steering wheel for PC and PS5, having just started playing Gran Turismo 7. But there are so many options on the market with so many variations that it's all rather overwhelming. I've done a fair bit of research but I'm still not clear which would be best for me. Of course, I won't just be using it for GT7, as I intend to use it for other PC racing sims including Assetto Corsa and maybe even iRacing once I get more comfortable. In fact, one of the other reasons is the play the Truck Simulator games which I really enjoy but have been told numerous times how much better the experience is with a wheel and shifter.

At the moment I'm looking at these two: Thrustmaster T300 RS GT and the Logitech G923. but everyone seems to have a different opinion on what's best. I know there are even more expensive setups out there but I'm looking for a wheel which is going to feel great over a variety of games with great force feedback.
Price-wise I'm not looking to spend any more than say £550 but I feel that should still give me some solid options. I'd appreciate any tips and recommendations for those who have a whole lot more experience with steering wheels than I do.

Thanks in advance. Take care.