Step by step instructions on overclocking Core i7 on Asus P6T mobo


Sep 28, 2009
I built a new gaming rig but it's my first Intel build and it was expensive so I'm a little afraid to get my feet wet in overclocking it. I'd like someone who's familiar with the Core i7 to lead me through it.

Silverstone Raven Case
Asus P6T Mobo
Core i7 920 CPU
Xigmatek Dark Knight CPU Cooler
3GB Corsair 1600MHz RAM
ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB GPU


Intel Master
Many of the more popular computer enthusiast websites have "Stickies", which were written by Forum Members to provide information and answers for common questions. Although the Stickies here at Tom's Forums are not clearly identified as such, just ^l00k^ ^up^ at the top of whatever Forum you're in. The Stickies are the only threads which are permanently "stuck" to the top of the Forums. They have a bold red arrow -> to their left, and are posted in bold blue characters. Here's a link to point you in the right direction: -> Core i7 Overclocking Guide -

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