Step by Step tips on how to upgrade from AMD to Intel


Dec 5, 2010
Ok so my system is. amd athlon ii x4, asus am3 mobo, gtx 560, corsair tx 650w psu, ocz vertex 3 60gb ssd, and 500gb storage drive. oh and 4 gigs of corsair xms3 ram 1333 mhz. and a hyper 212 + cpu cooler

ok so i am thinking of upgrading my amd cpu and mobo to an intel i5 2500k

i would get the which is the asrock extreme 3 gen3 mobo..

so i guess my main question is what is the exact step by step process to upgrade my system. like i know how to swap out and install the cpu, cooler, and mobo. but what exacly do i do after? I think that i would just boot to my windows 7 oem disk and do a fresh install of win 7 onto my ssd. then install all the necessarily drivers right?



On your antistatic workbench open the new Intel mobo and set it down.
Open the cpu socket (lift the lever and then lift the metal cover) and remove the plastic protective cover.
Open the Intel cpu box and remove the cpu.
Install the cpu into the motherboard, close the metal cover and then close the lever which locks the cpu in place.
Attach the heatsink next making sure you plug in the fan into the correct cpu_fan header on the motherbd.

Shut down and remove the power cord fromo the athlon system.
Remove the memory by flipping the white levers on the memories edges and then lifting the memory up out of the socket.
Check the manufacturer and model of the memory to see if its on the AsRock supported memory list, If so install it into the new motherboard making sure you lock the black retention levers up into place otherwise install new compatible memory.
(memory support link is on the left side of the page)

On the Athlon system, remove any add in cards like GPU.
Disconnect all wiring on the motherbd; this includes sata/ide cables, Front panel wiring including front panel speakers & mic, power supply, usb ... basically nothing but the athlon cpu cooler fan wiriing should remain attached to the athlon motherbd.
remove 8 or 9 screws from the motherbd.
Lift motherbd up slightly from the front to dislodge it from the standoffs, if you have them, and then pull the motherbd forward a little to pull it free of the rear I/O panel, and the lift it out of the case.

Install the new motherbd i/o panel.
Install new motherbd (reverse of removal) and screw it down.
Install power cabling. (24 pin power, 8 pin cpu, psu fan if you have it)
Install front panel wiring. ( power on led, reset sw, on/off sw,... ac97/hd audio header)
Install fan wiring into motherbd headers
Install ide/sata cables.
Install usb/fw/esata cables. You will probably have a usb3 header but only usb front panel headers. Dont try to plug the usb2 plug into the usb3 header.
Install GPU and pcie power if your card needs it.
install other add in cards you might want to reuse.

Plug power into the psu and get ready to hit the bios key (f12, delete...) turn it on.
Configure your bios to your liking, reboot. (Set date/time, check drives are recognized. Set achi/sata/raid/ide mode...)

Run memtest and test.
Install os.
Install updated drivers. I prefer to install motherbd drivers first followed by gpu then network & sound. I would have the latest drivers already burned to a dvd instead of using what comes with the motherbd.
its time for MS Update...
Install prime95 (or other burn in test) and test.

Did I miss anything?