Question Stepper motor DRIVER problem

Sep 22, 2018
Hi everyone!

I'm trying to use a stepper motor by myself, i have an Arduino UNO as the controller and a setpper motor driver DM556.

The stepper motor is the RTelligent 57A3, wich has 3 Nm of torque, and consumes up to 4A of current.
I also have a DC variable power supply that can handle up to 32 V. It's the HANMATEK HM305P model.

So my goal is to use the motor to lift heavy weigth, i'm building a robot arm so this is the motor that handles the most Torque.

I'm trying to controll it without using the AccelStepper library because i want to create my own code.

The problem is that im trying to bring all the admissible current (4A) by setting the peak current of the DRIVER to 4.9 Amps. So in theory, the RMS current would be around 3.5 A.
When i use a simple code that creates a square wave of 50% DT its impossible to drive the motor because the DRIVERS seems to fail.

It has a red ligth that indicates there is a problem, i also don't know what it means because the datasheet of the DRIVER doesn't explain the permanent red light case.
By decreasing the peak current i can drive the motor, but just at low speeds, not exceeding 1kHz of pulse frecuency. Also mention that I set the microsteps to 2000 as the torque-speed curve of the motor indicates it.

What i'm doing wrong? i haven't seen information explaining the relation between microsteping, pulse width and current limit.

I'll post images and info about the motor and driver.



*I posted a diferent model beacause i can't find the datasheet of the RTelligent manufacture, but it's the same motor.

Thanks everyone !!
Sep 22, 2018
Probably the wrong forum for this question. Tomshardware is primarily related to computer hardware.

There are several dedicated sections for robotics over at Arduino.

And other hobbyist electronics resources would be more appropriate. I'm afraid I am too out of date to help you much, haven't messed with anything like that since around 2003.
thanks for your reply, i posted the same at Arduino forum but i wanted to try if someone here could help me as well
I suspect you try to feed too much current at low load/rpm.

In general, without knowing the current or voltage curve that is feed into the stepper coils, it's hard to guess what's wrong.
I'd advice you to replace the stepper motor with some dummy resistors (higher resistance to avoid possible overcurrent), and then use a scope to see what curve it gives.