Still confused on Laptop buying.


Oct 6, 2012
OK. I am still confused over which laptop to buy. :sweat: :(
I want a gaming laptop for around 1000$.
Here are the ones which i have found so far by browsing through and other sites
1)HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 15.6″
2)Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 15.6″

Here are some requirements which I am quiet sure I want
1) around 15" screen size
2) laptop which can be trusted for long run
3) a one in which i will be able to smoothly play upcoming high end games also.
(like COD:Black Ops II ,Assassin's Creed III,Resident Evil 6,crysis 3 etc )
4)blue ray reader and dvd writer.
5)again, durability and reliability. :(

some additional queries.
1) lenovo vs HP. which brand should I trust
2) GTX660M vs gt 650m vs gt 630m. which is a better performer?(ive read other threads on this topic and was not able to get the bottom line) :(
3) what difference does an additional 32gb mSSD make to a 500gb or 1Tb it worth spending extra?
4) i can wait for some more time.can i expect to get better deals during thanksgiving or december?
5) if anyone can, please post links to feedbacks of lenovo y580 or hp dv6tqe. not reviews, feedbacks of customers. like where theyve discussed their problems , experience etc.

Thanks in advance
Oct 26, 2012
If you're after a gaming laptop, realize that you'll likely want to upgrade the graphics card, which can't be done in the machines you're considering. The 650M won't have the horsepower for what you want to do. Realistically, you need to plan on spending more, probably between $1300 - $1500.


Oct 6, 2012
@redheat2010 : thats an excellent config man.
but out of my budget :-( . it'll come close to 1200$ after taxes and all.

have narrowed it down to y580 lenovo.
people say the 660x graphics card could run most games on atleast medium high settings.
but still it has some cons like heat issues due to HDD being placed between processor and GPU.
also the not so great build quality.
am still searching for more options, else i will go with this one.



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