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My counter strike game still doesnt work when i open it. It just opens to a
black screen and then goes back to my desktop. I tried taking it off the
applications list on my firewall and then adding it again and all that and
none if it worked. What do i do?

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Nov 6, 2003
Hello Sally some times after a steam update the file called clientregistry.blob in the Steam folder gets corrupted this file contains your log in details.

You can safely delete this file and it will regenerate with a new one simply have your username and password available before you do it. DON'T do it if you do not have a copy of them.

You could also have a DirectX problem.
I do not know if your graphics card supports DX8 or DX9 but here is what you can do.

Open Steam not the game and go to the games list where all the games you own are listed and right click on the COunterstrike Source game. Look for the game properties and Game Launch Options. It will say for advanced users.

In that box first try the DX8 option. You will type this command in the box and only this command.

-dxlevel 8.0

If the game opens and stays open without crashing you have fixed the problem.
If it crashes back to a black screen try the DX9 option.

-dxlevel 9.0

Those are the 2 Key things to try. When you get it all working you can bypass the splash screen the head with the water valve stuck into his eye socket and add the in game CONSOLE as well.

A whole working line for you would look like this.

-console -novid -dxlevel 8.0

I recommend you try the line with DX8 first unless you are posative your graphics card is DX9 but I do not think it is or you would not get the balck screen crash because Source defaults to DX9.0c

Try that whol command line just copy past it and you should be good to go.

P.S I hope that fixes your problem Sally and I was just trolling around Tom's I never come in here I must have heard your crys for help even if that was almost a month ago. Sorry. Use the DX8 fix you should be ok.