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Question STILL Lagging while gaming/packet loss...

May 6, 2020
So I currently am having severe lag issues while gaming. I am hardwired meaning this -

There is a main xfinity gateway(modem/router combo) in one room in my house. That gateway is the main one and I have nothing to do with it. It is my mother's for her workstation and I do not bother with it.

In my bedroom I am hardwired - meaning I have a coaxial cable outlet in my room that I connect via coaxial cable to my Netgear CM1000 modem. From the modem, I am connected via ethernet cable to my Netgear nighthawk XR500 gaming router. And then there is one more ethernet cable from the XR500 to my gaming PC.

I have tried: connecting my PC only to my modem; that has failed as I still lag. I also have tried connecting as stated above, via modem & router to my PC; I lag. I have tried to connect WiFi to the Xfinity gateway across the house; I still lag... And when I mean lag, I am getting severe packet loss, my game freezes to the point I can't even play for over 5 seconds at a time, etc..

My equipment is all in perfect condition as far as the modem, router, and cables(brand new CAT-5E cable & CAT 6 cable; and it's a newer coaxial cable as well)

Me and my mother pay for Xfinity - speeds up to 600mbps download/15mbps upload. And we are getting just that. Even more; up to 700mbps download/20mbps upload.
And ping is great as well at 10-25 ping in game. The numbers are great, but I can't even play anymore due to all of this.

-Side note- I already contacted Xfinity about this in the past - they can't come out due to COVID currently, so I need an alternative for the time being if possible...

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!