Question Still ... " No Signal Detected "

Nov 25, 2019
CPU : Ryzen 3 3200g
Mobo: MSI A320m-a pro
Ram : TForce TUF Gaming alliance rgb 2x8gb 3200mhz
Storage : 120gb Kingmax ssd and 1tb Seagate hdd
PSU : Silverstone 600w st60f-esb
Previous Monitor : BenQ g615hdpl
Recent monitor : Fonudar 240 , the 24inch variant

Ive encountered a " No Signal detected " error using my old monitor, in which I was using an HDMI - VGA adapter. People said that its a common issue with adapters and suggested me to get a new monitor with HDMI to have hdmi-hdmi connection.

I just recently bought this Fonudar 240 but after using for about 5hrs my monitor suddenly went off although it displays an error message in chinese, still its like the same error that happened with my BenQ.

And a weird thing also happens to my system unit. I cant seem to do a force shutdown on it , like holding the power button for 10sec + and it doesnt do anything so I had to switch off my power supply. (My casing does not have a reset button).

When I try turning it on again , the monitor either works or not . When i try to restart my pc , I know that the monitor will not display if the led on my power button (in the pc ) does not lit up .

Ive tried cleaning my pc , tried to take out the ram and clean it and still encountered the same issue.

Any fixes for this one ? Could it be a possible component issue or maybe a virus thing?

I dont want to keep on forcefully shutting down my pc coz I know it will lead to some problems in my drive later so any answer or suggestion is greatly appreciated.