Question Storage cloning

Nov 20, 2019
Is it feasible to clone my OS and a few games from a 1 TB SSD to a smaller (250-500 GB) SSD, as long as I whittle my 1 TB SSD down to below 250-500 GB?
I want to get a smaller SSD for my laptop and utilize my current 1 TB for the laptop for my desktop instead for storage.

Earlier this year, I cloned my 750 GB HDD to the 1 TB SSD and it was a very simple process, but am unsure how well it would work going down from 1 TB to 250-500 GB
As long as the total space required for games and OS is less than the size of the SSD you can move from a 1TB to a 240GB. I have done this many times for laptops that come with 1TB HDDs. Macrium Reflect has an option where you can edit the volume size of each slice on the disk so you can add the System Reserved, Recovery Partition, etc...
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