Storage getting taking up at an alarming rate.


Jan 2, 2016
Hello, my SSD has 111gb of storage, and i try my very best to keep it clean and everything on it to a minimum. Recently i got a notification that my storage was getting incredibly low on my SSD and i took to cleaning it out, removed some unwanted programs and freed up around 20gb, a couple of weeks later the same thing happened again (remember i do not install ANYTHING on my ssd that is large). So this time i cleared out a bunch of temporary files that was on my SSD, in total it removed around 18gb, so i thought alright good im sorted i wont install ANYTHING from now on and ill not have this issue anymore. Obviously this continued to happen over and over again until i had removed every none essential thing on my ssd, and i still have no space left. i almost feel like whenever i remove a real program the space gets taken up by some invisible crap that i cant see or remove. I could not for the life of me find 111gb worth of programs on my SSD or even close to that number. i have no idea whats going on, i noticed once i was playing a video game with 3gb of storage left, and i tab out and notice that im back down to 50mb. Please help me figure out what is going on as for a lack of a better word im technically incompetent.