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Question Storage HDD making noise when playing games ?


Jul 30, 2014

My wife's computer had that problem for years and it's just now that i think about asking about it.

She has a SSD where the OS and all her games are installed, and a HDD that is used only for storage. Problem is, there are games that when she plays, the HDD is constantly making the usual "read/write" crackling sound. (I checked to be sure and it's really the HDD that is making the noise and not a fan). Unfortunately, i can't remember which games does that and which doesnt. Also worth mentioning that it happens both in legit purchased games and in games obtained through other means.

Why would that happen ? The HDD is only used for storage, so why does a game need to constantly access it ?

Her specs:

8GB ram
GTX 1060
WD Black 1TB HDD for storage
Samsung 512gb SSD for OS and Games (I think it's the 850 evo but i don't remember exactly)
Windows 7
Bitdefender total security (Thought it might be relevent)