Storage Issues when transferring files to external hard drive


Apr 15, 2010
I am in the midst of downsizing from a 500 (465gb) to a 250 (230 gb) solid state hard drive.

Was moving some files off of my current OS hard drive (C) to my external drive (P) as my Data Disk (E) is currently full.

Initially I was freeing up a bit of space when I copied and pasted and then deleted the folder/files afterwards.

After awhile to speed things up I decided to cut and paste the files inside the programs and user directories instead of copy and paste them. Once I started doing so I noticed instead of freeing up space I was starting to lose space. About the same amount of space of the files that were deleted.

The transferred files are still stored on my external hd where they should be but they also seem to be backing up somewhere on my source hd as well even though I can't locate where they are.

Not sure what's going on. Running Windows 7 Pro if that helps.

I should also mention that I turned off System Restore or at least I think I did.

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