Storage Question


Oct 30, 2011
So I've been constantly upgrading my gaming PC for a few years now and the current build is as follows:

Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H board
Phenom II X4 Core @3.4ghz
MSI 560gtx-ti with twin cooling units
8 gigs of DDR3-1600 RAM

I'm currently in the works of getting a decent SSD @ or above 80 gigs but I'm a bit strapped for cash with BF3 and Skyrim coming soon. Currently I have 2 SATA drives and 1 old IDE drive. I've divided up their workloads so that the SATA drives are storing all the system/driver stuff on one and all gaming (SC2, BF3, etc) on the other SATA drive. My old school IDE drive holds all my music. This way when I'm gaming and want to listen to some tunes none of my drives should be affected by the multi-tasking. Windows scores my computer at a 5.5 because my system HD isn't a SSD while the rest of my computer scores in the 7.4-7.8 range.

I feel like that's an unfairly low score given how I've divided the tasks between all my drives. Do you guys agree or is there something I'm missing? Will I see that much of an improvement if I bump up to a SSD in games like the upcoming Oblvion: Skyrim when all but my music is running off the same drive? If so, would you guys recommend any sub $200 SSDs?

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