[SOLVED] Storage Server offline again...

Hello, so my janky storage nas went offline. I noticed the web interface said the HDD went offline before the nas went offline entirely, which is likely due to the way its plugged into the optical bay and the SATA data cable likes to fall out.

I took the hdd out and plugged it into my PC just to ensure the data is still there. Nothing shows in file explorer, however, disk management shows the drive fine.

How can I assign the drive a letter and make sure no data is destroyed? The option to assign a letter is greyed out.

I believe the drive is formatted for Linux or something due to the OS on the nas.

Follow the instructions in my FAQ. It tells you which components to examine and provides you with a possible zero-cost DIY solution.

At least tell us the model number of the HDD, or preferably upload a photo of the component side of the PCB. The screws are most likely Torx 6 or similar.

If you have a multimeter, connect the adapter cable to the PSU, but not the HDD. Now measure the voltage at the SATA pins. This should tell you whether the adapter is correctly wired.

Nearly all NAS drives use Linux file formats (mostly EXT4), so, WIndows will not be able to read the data...

Most any Linux install (or even Live CD/USB) would, however, as long as it was not a drive from a multi-dsik RAID array.

If you proceed with using the drive within Windows, i.e, assigning a drive letter, or formatting, you will destroy the data currently in Linux file formats...

Have someone make you a Mint 19 Live USB...takes an 8 GB USB and 4 minutes..(if you have a fast internet connection for downloading)
Odd that the NAS would not see it, perhaps the little NAS unit has suffered some sort of failure...

Is it a single or dual disk NAS? (If one disk of 4 from a RAID 5, you need all disks at once...; if one disk from a mult-disk RAID 0, then all data is likely lost anyway)

In any event, if the drive was still healthy at least power/self test and firmware-wise, Windows will see it, be able to identify the size, etc., but, zero chance of reading any of the data..

You'll certainly need a Linux LIVE USB to read any further...
There is a 2TB HDD and a separate 120gb SSD. Both are separate volumes.

The NAS is online now after I rebooted it, but the HDD keeps going offline intermittently.
Its a laptop with the 2tb plugged into the optical bay. I think it just keeps coming unpluged.

If the NAS refuses to work Ill just boot into a linux usb i guess.


Mar 16, 2013
So if the data still lives on the original devices...simply rebuild whatever format the drive was in, and copy the data back to it.

If the drive fails to get rebuilt...it has failed and needs to be replaced.


Mar 16, 2013
This is specifically what a 'backup' is. A second (or 3rd) copy.

When one or the other copies goes south...you still have the other.
Fix or replace the problematic device, and continue on with your backups.

And good on you for being proactive with this.
We see far too many instances of "Waaaaa!! My stuff is all gone.!!"
Well, I got the HDD to be recognised by rebooting the NAS several times. I even used it to backup an entire icloud onto, but then the HDD went offline overnight.

I can't get it online again.

The way this is setup is the HDD is powered with a PSU like this using a MOLEX to SATA adapter. This came with a USB HDD kit. https://www.amazon.com/Coolerguys-100-240v-Molex-Power-Adapter/dp/B000MGG6SC/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_23_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9CKDNNZSWRDDXWNPSHZA
Then there is a data cable going from the HDD to the optical bay of this laptop.

I believe there is an issue with the power adapter. I probed the output and got around 5v and 12v straight from the Molex connector without HDD plugged in. I got 5.5v and 13v from the sata connector with the HDD plugged in which is a little odd since its higher but seems alright. When I just power the HDD without any data cable plugged in, the HDD beeps and spins up and down randomly.

Does this sound like a power supply issue?
So much for Linux distros if it is.was FreeNAS, which is a FreeBSD derivative.

YOu can install FreeNAS on anything pretty quickly, installing from a USB drive to a larger USB drive, and importing the data from your existing drive in question.

Is your needed data on just ...one drive? No mirror?
The data is still on the respective devices, but it is all backed up on 1 drive.

Drive works and I can get data off, but I mainly want to get the nas working. Im not sure how to power the HDD tho since the adapter no longer will work.
The issue isn't with the drive or FreeNAS. I got freenas to recognise it last night again, but now it went offline.

I may be able to get an OEM PSU from my uncle who repairs medical equipment and computers attached to them. Any old PSU with a sata connector should work right?


Sleep occurs after the device stops being used. Like overnight.

Also, why is the NAS going offline? It just occured to me that it should stay up since it has it's OS on the SSD...
This might end up being a laptop issue esp considering that 13v on the 12v line is out of spec.