Question Storage upgrade


Dec 1, 2015
So, I have a computer that I build about 3-4 years ago. It's getting pretty slow, but I can't afford to upgrade right now. However, looking at my components performance, my CPU, and GPU are all fine, while my disc maxes out under even a little bit of load or startup. It's a 1TB WD HDD.

Since storage is very easy to move over to a new PC, I want to buy storage I can still use when I do upgrade. I am going with a 248GB Samsung EVO NVMe as a boot drive. I decided to change operating systems anyways so that shouldn't be a problem. However, my issue is with my storage drive. I will select a PCIe SSD that suits my price range based on reviews, but I'm not sure how to go about transferring stuff, so I though I would run my plan by some fellow nerds first to see if I'm being an idiot.

I assume the first step will be to install my new OS (Ubuntu) on my new boot drive, then boot from that. My data should still be on my HDD, so then I can delete Windows and associated system files off of it (I assume this is safe with a new boot OS?). I don't need my plethora of useless files transferred, so I will just transfer programs and essential files to my new SSD and keep my rarely used files on my HDD. I still want all non-windows files on my old HDD)

Sound about right?

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