Store li ion batteries fully charged is it any downsides?

Nov 9, 2021

I know lipo batteries must never be stored fully charged more then 2-3 days, because they can baloon and be a chance to catch fire.
How is it with the li ion batteries we find in tools and console controllers?
I have a couple old batteries for tools that have been stored for a long time fully charged, is there a chance they can catch fire like the lipo?

Could it be ok to have some controllers laying around fully charged and lets say not used in a couple months?

Thanks for some information about this.


Read the applicable product/battery documentation for guidance with respect to battery storage and the environmental requirements.

In your case that would be the controllers.

Restrictions and requirements vary with both product and battery.

My policy is to remove the batteries and not leave them connected or charging per the documentation. I also avoid leaving/storing batteries where conditions (usually temperature) can be extreme. In a vehicle for example where temperatures can get very hot. Or in a garage or storage area where freezing can occur during winter months.

Always good to look the battery over any time the battery is handled. Look for signs of corrosion, leakage, swelling, dents, cracks, etc..

Good chance that if the battery does fail in some manner, that failure will take the host device, tool, or controller with it. Swollen batteries often jam beyond removal.

Or if being charged - yes overheat and cause a fire. Charge in an open area away from combustibles.

Lots of "cheap" batteries being made these days. Poor design, low quality components/materials, little or no QA/testing. All in all becoming more hazardous.

Much reason to be very careful and proactive about doing so.

Just my thoughts on the matter.



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