Question StoreMI vs. ramcache

Feb 26, 2019
Wow, multiple searches in multiple sections all yield zero results. I'm trying to find what users think of StoreMI, offered on Ryzen mobos. Some love it, others have had problems. Like lost all data.

I forget if it copies block level or files but it sounds great theoretically. Unfortunately like a lot of software it seems wonky, at least for some systems.

I'd post a poll but, so far I haven't even found a thread in the forums about it. It was a feature I liked for determining mobo chipset but now I'm leaning away from it b/c installation ingrains it in your OS apparently.

Any pro users here have any insight?
You are correct about a lack of user reviews.
AMD's StorageMI caching scheme is simply another free download among other free downloads provided by AMD.
Technical reviews were not very positive.
According to the technical reviews a major problem is that a new ssd can easily outperform StorageMI.


Apr 2, 2010
I'm going to repost-paste exactly what i said elsewhere not long ago, since i don't feel like typing.

I would avoid StoreMI completely based on my experiences.
The software is not as simple as advertise and cause more trouble than what advantages it gives.
For example: You will have problems several problems. With ssd trim, as it will not be issued and run by the OS because of AMD StoreMI (aka FuzeDrive) driver - AMD Virtualized AHCI Controller for StoreMI - overtakes the default microsoft Standard SATA AHCI Controller. For me it started using this driver on its own, on the system drive, even though it was not added as a part of the StoreMI configuration.
I contacted Enmotus Support the maker of this software and they confirmed that this is a long standing bug, (trim not working) it will not be fixed in a short period, as it is not high on their priority list, but hope for the best.
Consider the scenario where anything happens to one of your disks, all the data will be lost. Any windows 10 update hiccup as it is quite common, will cause you to lose your data. The software's inner workings is basically hidden to windows, it considers the -2- drives as one raid 0 configuration basically.
Also removing the software involves deleting all your data in the affected disks. If it involves a system disk, you will also have to do manual cleanup, for which the instructions are on their website. Unless you made backups of the data expect a complete wipe.
A quick google will confirm the problems presented by this software.
Long story short, i would not advise to use this program.
Feb 26, 2019
@ JohnnyLucky & USAFRet: That's exactly what I think. Now that prices for SSDs are dirt cheap there's absolutely no need to screw around w/software that messes w/your OS. Now in Linux land maybe it's really well fleshed out.

@bobalazs: I had read your account as well as others attesting to the AHCI controller. I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Sadly a lot of software gets released before being ready. S canning StoreMI should make my mobo choices easier but unfortunately it doesn't. Oh well.

Thank you all.