Storm 800w power supply reviews


Feb 21, 2009
Recommendations for an Efficient psu-have attached an old 650w Q-Tec to set up at the moment-will replace when with an 800W,but which one do You recommend?

Building an AMD system
MSINX7950GT PCI -onboard fan
SEAGATE 500GB HDD-2 cooling fans
2 x 12 cm fans
have 4 generic 2GB DDR2 800Mhz but would not accept thyem at this stage

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
^He's right. You DO NOT need a 800W for a 7xxx mind you you won't need 800W for a 8xxx/9xxx/48xx card either.

@OP: Get a good quality PSU from Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Antec, OCZ. A 400W (ie Corsair 400CX) is more than enough to power your build. Remember W= A*V. Get a PSU with enough Amps and you'll be fine. I think the 7950 would need ~20A(not 100% sure).


Nov 9, 2007

Heh Thermaltake does not meter well. They are right down there with Rosewill when it comes to junk. Some of there cases are pretty decent but there PSUs are crud.

Plan on adding at least 150w to what you need when buying a Thermaltake PSU. Chances are you will need that much more to what you need.
There are certain companies that would like you to think of them as quality PSU makers, when the majority of their offerings are poor to bad. I have a real problem with it, as you can tell :)

There are also many companies that would like to make quality PSUs, but struggle with it. Zalman and Xigmatek come to mind. They deserve a bit more credit.

For most companies, you really need to look at each model on it's own merits and consult expert reviews. Shadow gave a list of quality companies, but even they could produce a less than stellar unit.



I only mentioned it because I have had 3 Thermal take ToughPower's in seperate rigs and have never had any issues with them at all, they just always have worked, unobtrusively. Yet I never heard them recommended...perhaps I've just been lucky so far.