May 26, 2022
Hello guys.
Please, help me to decide, which PSU is better to buy
  1. Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 850W (BN284)
  2. Corsair RM850 850W (CP-9020235-EU)

Corsair one is 10$ cheaper now and i'm curios which to choose.
Be Quite seems much older design than Corsair one, though it's not always good to go for an updated design.

It would be used for a system with CPU 5900x and GPU 3080TI (up to 400W)
I heard, that there might be some problems with old PSU on rtx 30 series, but yet didn't find any problems about BN284 in case it used with rtx 30 series.

Apart from that, i'd like to know which one has better platform and base.

Thank you very much!