Question Strange audio issue after power surge.....


Mar 3, 2014
So i recently had a huge electrical surge at my house and now my computer audio is acting strangely. There's some minor background popping id call it? it happens constantly, but is much worse when i move the mouse and i have tried EVERYTHING i could find online to try to fix the problem and absolutely nothing would work. First i attempted to adjust the ghz, which is a common tactic, didn't help, i tried disabling enhancement, i even rolled back the drivers. Then i thought, i wonder if its a power supply issue, so i tried a different one, not only did the crackling get worse but i had to reinstall windows as a result ( dont ask what happened there, your guess is as good as mine.) So i completely reinstalled, got back to where i was, and buzzing. is. back. i am completely out of ideas for what i should do. Is it completely insane that this surge of power couldve somehow damaged, but not shorted out the board? I also rewired everything made sure nothing was touching, still didn't help. If there are any ninjas out there with advice other than " try a different motherboard" im all ears!

specs for reference.

UPDATE: It seems like my video playback capabilities are also totally messed up. The videos will shudder and lag for some reason, regardless of where on the pc they are ( that makes me think it isnt a drive issue.

Ryzen 2600X

32gigs ram

Vega 56

gigabyte b450m ds3h

windows 10 64 bit.
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