Question Strange audio problem with JBL Quantum600 headphones

Jul 11, 2020
I'm having a weird issue with a new JBL Quantum 600 headset. When I have it setup the way JBL says to, the sound from 2channel (stereo) sources like YouTube sounds very good but sound from surround sound enabled sources (like games) sounds wrong. The sound in games is much weaker than in stereo mode and it sounds distant/hollow almost like listening to the game through a long tube. An example is in Fallout4 the wind in the trees sounds more like static and weapon shots sound more like a bb gun. (it isnt just an issue in Fo4 though)

If I go to the windows sound settings -> configure for this device I can play sound from each channel but if I click the sub icon to play that it sounds weak and has a bit of a ringing noise.

I found that if I put the headphones in stereo mode rather than 7.1 I can get good sounding audio from each channel in the JBL Quantum application but it is actually only playing front left and right through them (so a surround source wont sound like things are behind etc).

I've tried disabling audio enhancements via the sound control panel but that causes it to stop doing surround sound completely (the option is still there but no audio from any surround channels).

It kindof sounds like there is a room correction effect or some other kind of interference with it working properly but I cant figure it out.

The weird thing is: I have another headset that does 7.1 and it sounds amazing. Its a logitech G432 and the 7.1 sound works and sounds good in games. I also tried on another computer and the JBL does the exact same thing on that one as it does on my main computer. I also tried in usb3 and usb2 ports just in case it didnt like one or the other.

Anyone have an idea what else I can check? Everything I can find online suggests these headphones should sound correct but its all done on older builds of windows 10. I can only assume something changed in more recent builds.