Question Strange behavior after cooler change

Jul 27, 2019
Hey ppl , i have strange problem. I changed my stock cooler ( i5 7400 cpu ) and mounted Antec a40 cooler. Now when my case is in horizontal position PC work fine, but when i put it in normal ( vertical ) position it wont work. If system is up then i get Blue screen with Bad Pool Header error and i need to shut down PC and i cant turn it on after that . I can turn it on only in horizontal position and PC work normal. I tried with pulling all components out and puting it back again but same thing happen . Only thing i didnt do is pulling battery out of motherboard....Any have any idea what can cause this. Tnx in advice


I saw that once before. Happened due to bad install of the cpu cooler. Client tightened down the lower screws fully, then the upper. What happened was a shift in the cpu seat, literally moved the cpu, and when the heatsink applied downward torque when the pc was vertical it was enough to mess up the pin alignment.

If you haven't already, I'd check the cooler plate. Make sure those clear plastic clips are fully seated in the motherboard, not loose, and the black pegs are fully inserted. There should be little or no movement to that ring.
What is your case and what is the orientation of the cooler?
In a cooler with heat pipes, fluid must be able to circulate by heat and gravity.
Possibly the orientation of your cooler is such that you have a problem.
This is documented in a noctua mounting instruction. The only bad orientation is where all of the heat pipes face downward.
That is an unlikely orientation.
See what happens if you orient the case in different ways.

I suspect the problem is because the cooler is uneven or loose.
Horizontally, the cooler sits level on the cpu.
Vertically there is torque.
Pushpin mounts are tricky.
To get such a cooler mounted evenly, you need to push down on DIAGONAL pairs of pins.
If you do this one at a time the cooler will not be level with the cpu die.

When done, you should see 10-15c over ambient at idle.
If you do not, remount and clean off the old paste. A small drop in the middle is sufficient, it will spread under heat and pressure. Too much will act as an insulator and be messy if it spills over.



That cooler uses aftermarket ring, it's basically setup where you put grommets in the mobo, add the ring, put pushpins into the grommets then drop the cooler on top. It fastens to the ring very similar to am4 stock mount. It's not a bad idea, I've seen several coolers that have adopted similar mounts, just gotta make sure the grommets are fully seated, or the ring sits too high leaving a loose cooler.