Question Strange behavior of MSI 7750 card

Aug 25, 2019
Hi everybody,

A few days ago, after my little girl tried to play a game from Steam, my desktop just rebooted and Win10 can not be started with rebooting in "Automatic repair" mode.

Graphics card is MSI R7750-PMD1GD5 OC V2, the processor is FX4300 and motherboard is GA-78LMT-S2 with HD3000 onboard graphics chip.

Before I write the symptoms, this is what I have already done:

  • All pins on board and on graphics card are checked and cleaned.
  • Motherboard BIOS is updated to the latest version
  • MSI card is tested on another PC and working just well (Intel processor, which is maybe important)
  • New SSD is used for a brand new Win10 installation
  • When the integrated card is not used, it is disabled in BIOS
So, this is what is happening:

  • I have removed old HD and placed new SSD and installed Win10 from scratch
  • Everything went fine, windows had been loaded and approximately 60 seconds after login, computer restarts.
  • It ends up in "Automatic repair" mode, where restart in Safe mode was chosen
  • In Safe mode, everything works fine without any problems
  • If I uninstall graphics card from Safe mode, the system will reboot normally, but everything will start happening again after 60 seconds of login.
  • If I try to use HD3000 when MSI is in the slot, it is not working but the moment I remove it, HD3000 will start working normally without any issues, except that I am not able to get more than 1280x1024.
  • If MSI is used, in BIOS and in DOS characters are messed up, some are ok but others are like hieroglyphs. With HD3000 everything is fine.
With all that, I am quite sure that there is some problem with MSI, but since I have tested it on another machine, I am not sure of that. My presumption is that this has something to do with drivers, which maybe are trying to make some kind of symbiosis between HD3000 and MSI and that ends up with failure. Although the integrated card has been disabled in BIOS, maybe it can work together with stand-alone one, if they have the same chipset and maybe drivers are forcing it. Unfortunately, I don't have any other graphics card for testing.

Basically, I just want to be sure that the new card is the right choice but since I have never seen such a problem so any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

EDIT: Just to add, I have disabled automatic updates on windows and the same thing is happening when I try to manually install graphics card drivers, it will restart at some point resulting in the same error.