Question Strange behavior of wifi speed

May 6, 2019
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Hello all.

I recently changed my ISP to a plan with a 500/500 Mbps fiber solution. When I connect my computer directly to the router I get these speeds which is fine, but I want to connect it over WIFI.

So I have this PCE-AC88 wireless adapter in my computer and my router (with WIFI) is a Netgear Orbi AC 3000.
When I connect on WIFI i get test speeds that is around 280/500 Mbps so my download is much much slower than the upload.
On my old ISP I had a 300/60 Mbps connection and that worked fine on the exact same setup with the router and network card.

So why is my download speed suddenly so "slow" on my Wifi, when the upload is that good.

Router was rest and setup from new when the ISP changed, and everything looks fine with it.

I am totally puzzled over this, and can't find a reasonable explanation.

Can anybody in there help.


Aug 9, 2012
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More the question would be how you managed to get 500mbps upload speed.

It would not be unusual to get only 300mbps download speed. That is where the very best router and nic combination top out on many of the test sites. Hard to say what a realistic maximum speed is because you can do stupid stuff like sitting next to the router when you run benchmarks. This is why you see such huge variations in test results in consumer publications because the testing environment makes far more difference than the actual equipment.

All it means is the router is better able to hear the signals being sent from your device than you are at receiving signals from the router.

Way too many variable involved to know for sure. The numbers you see the manufacture list are extremely deceptive because they do stuff like add together multiple device accessing the router instead of a single device.

Your should be extremely happy with the speeds you are getting.

There are no setting you can really change even if you wanted to. Most the thing in both the nic and the router if you change then just make things worse.


Dec 11, 2013
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From a quick look at the specs, the PCE-AC88 supports 4 spatial streams and the Orbi AC3000 supports only 2 spatial streams (for client connectivity).

I'm a little surprised that that you are getting 500 up with only two streams - that is excellent performance; I normally see 500 Mbps with a three stream system (assuming 80 MHz channels).

If you want to do better, I suggest buying a router that can fully exploit the capabilities of the AC88.