Question Strange behaviour of fans in PC ?

Mar 21, 2020
When I press the power button no CPU or case fans spin, but gpu fans spin at max then once thats stopped the rest start, (Slowing my boot times) ?

Hi everyone i have a strange question, basically i built my pc a few months ago and its always been doing a strange thing its when i press the power button on my pc it will do a very loud revving sound (This is from the gpu fans spinning at max) but no other fans in the case will spin, none of the case fans nor the CPU fan, after about 10 seconds once the GPU fans have stopped spinning only then the other fans will start spinning, this wouldn't bother me really but the issue is the pc only starts loading up once the CPU fan and case fans are spinning so I'm adding a lot of boot time, any explanation appreciated :)


Can you list the spec to your build? Also, can you get into BIOS and scope out which version you're on at the moment? Often times, the BIOS needs to perform certain checks on your hardware before it can proceed to loading your OS and then the GUI. Another reason is that if you're on an overclock on your ram or processor, the BIOS needs to load that setting while also charge it's capacitors prior to working off of settings.

You might also want to see if Fast Boot is enabled and that CSM is disabled.