Strange benchmarks after overclocking


Jul 13, 2009

I just overclocked my 7850 AMD Athlon X2 Kuma, installed on a GIGABYTE GA-MA770-DS3 mobo, from 2.8 GHz to 3.1GHz by changing the multiplier from 14 to 15. I then ran the OCCT stress test for 1 hour with success. Something unexpected however, was revealed when I ran Fresh Diagnose Benchmark tests. My SATA drives performance dropped while my PATA drives performance skyrocketed! Memory benchmarks also improved considerably. The only benchmark that stayed the same was for the display adapter. My PATA drives are all installed on pCI cards, the SATA drives are on the motherboard ports. I am a complete novice in overclocking, this is my first time and of course I might have ignored something. By the way, the CPU core temperatures hovered between 42C & 43C. I am using a ROSEWILL Z3 cooler. Is there some logical explanation for the HDD's reverse performance as the result of this BIOS change? Absolutely nothing else in the BIOS was changed! Thanks