Question Strange black screen with text on boot

Feb 12, 2021
Hi there!
My dad just bought an Asus vivobook (s15 s533) about a week ago. He hasn't updated windows or downloaded any driver updates, so it's still fresh put of the box with windows 10.

When he tries to boot the pc, he sees the welcome screen, but then it goes to a black screen displaying the first half or so of his email address , and three options:

Shut down

According to him, thee are additional menus under the Asus tab, but both other options do nothing and he cannot open the task manager. We have no idea what could be causing this and would really appreciate some help. Windows will not open.


If your dad didn't key in his credentials into the laptop and doesn't have any critical data on the laptop, you could try and reinstall the OS. Prior to the OS, please check and make sure that the BIOS for the laptop is up to date. Then use Windows Media Creation Tools to fabricate your bootable USB installer for Windows 10. Use that to wipe the existing SSD clean and reinstall the OS anew.

You could instigate an automatic repair by shutting the laptop off midway through the boot process(after a cold boot), three times. On the 4th time, you should see a screen like this;