Question Strange blue sponges in HDD

Oct 20, 2019
I recently received a new HDD (Barracuda 3TB ATA3).
When I opened it I found two little blue sponges between drive's motherboard and its core. I guess I have to remove them before usage, but I wanted to be sure asking here what should I do about them.

Photo -> View:

Also I would like to know what their pourpose actually is.

Thanks in advance

More photos, sorry could not get more detailed ones

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I just dug in the drawer next to me and found a WD Blue from 2009. It has some foam between the PCB and the case.
It seems pretty normal for some models.

Although the 2tb seagate barracuda in the drawer doesnt have these.
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This appears to be the PCB:

There are two unpopulated locations for shock sensors (rotational vibration sensors, mounted at a 25 degree angle). One is just below the top RH screw hole, and the other is just below a screw hole at the LH end of the slanted edge of the PCB.

The enterprise version of the HDD would populate these vibration sensors. However, one of the "beans" appears to be wedged above the LH sensor. This would prevent the sensor from vibrating freely, so AISI this proves that the bean is not meant to be there.
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