Question Strange boot errors.

Jul 26, 2019
I built my computer about 6 months ago and suddenly as of the last month now and then rather than boot up it'll show a black screen asking me to insert a boot drive.

Windows is installed on my m.2 and in this state it won't show up in my bios. Catch is after a while of fiddling with just about anything it will work again. Initially if I changed my memory around it would work. Today no combanation of memory in various slots would fix it so I left it on the black "select boot screen" while I tried to think of what to do and my computer very abruptly shut down and when I turned it back on it was buisness as usual.

I've never seen anything like it as far as I knew I thought if an M.2 died it was dead. I don't have another M.2 to swap it out and see if it persists.

Does anyone have any idea on what I could do or should look out for to try and work out whats wrong. At the moment I'm stummped it could be anything.