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Question Strange booting behavior, CPU LED + RAM LED ?

Jul 17, 2021
Hi, three months ago I built a PC and all seem to work fine until last week. Without any change to BIOS or hardware the computer would do one of two scenarios. The first one is a CPU red led boot (all fans working), 10-15s later it reboots and can do the same thing or the remaining scenario, which consists in the CPU red led and RAM amber led bouncing between the two and then booting as the PC would normally do. When booted I did some cinebench tests, gaming, etc. and all worked fine; any blue screen or dangerous temperatures (all components did good). Due to the strange behavior I tried several things: change CMOS battery of the motherboard, take off the ram sticks and putting them again, check all pin connectors, also I reinstalled the GPU and the problem persists.

What should I check? I won't be home for a couple of weeks so I won't be able to try your answers for some time. Thanks.

Intel i5 11400F
Asus TUF B560 wifi
PSU: Nzxt 650 gold
G skill 3600 MHz 2x8gb
GTX 970