Question Strange Bridgade-unstable on Navi (Vulkan and DX12)


I want someone else to confirm this before I submit an official Bug Report to AMD...

Radeon 5700 series XT

The further you get into Strange Brigade game, the more unstable it becomes.
Video card disconnects (DX_VIDEO_DISCONNECT) was the DX error I believe. Program becomes non-responsive and screen goes 100% black. Sometimes I can recover, sometimes I can't.

Sometimes I can play for 30 seconds, sometimes I can play for 2 hours.
It replicates faster on Vulkan or when the quality sliders are all the way up, or frame rate limiter off.
Temperatures are normal and Junction never passed 83C. Under volt/over volt/or faster fans don't solve issue.

No other GPU stressing games seem to have issues. So I don't think it's the video card.
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