Question Strange color and texture of HP/OMEN RTX 3080 Heatsink pipe. Is it normal?

Feb 13, 2023
I am having problems with my HP/OMEN RTX 3080 when playing games (non demanding games like Subnautica or FrostPunk): After a while the screen just goes blank, the sound keeps playing for about 1-2 seconds, and the Case Fans go to full blast for between 15-25 seconds. After that I have to reset the computer to get it to boot. I Took some stats with HWInfo64 and noticed that while the GPU is performing at about 65% (so not heavy duty), and the GPU temperature is around 72º, the GPU Memory junction temperature is at around 93º while the GPU hotspot temperature is around 99º. The fans are at around 1700RPM (max is 2400 I think), while the GPU power is between 300-315 Watt. I have a 800Watt power source 80 GOLD, so power shouldn't be the problem. I am worried about the difference in temp between the GPU and the Hotspot/Memory, which seems way too high.

I checked the videocard and the heatpipe on the heaksink has a different color (silver color while the pipe is copper color) and specially a cracked texture. Is this normal? Could this be the source of the problem?



Any suggestions