Question Strange, Cryptic 1080Ti Soft Crash


Dec 28, 2015
So, truly, I've been putting off this issue for a length of time, mostly trying to figure out how to resolve it with old questions but never having any luck.

Upgraded my PC in early March and it works pretty okay! Even got a used 1080Ti to go with the collection. However, I've had a strange issue that seems to manifest in one of two ways, once every couple of days:

  1. The first seems to happen when I'm on the computer or when my monitors have been turned off. In this case, the computer will, without warning or without any particular stress, begin to grind to a halt - I won't be able to scroll on web pages, I won't be able to load new applications, and selecting programs from my taskbar causes them to appear as a black screen. When I try to shut off my computer, I can open the start menu and select the 'shut down' option, but nothing happens after that. I can't open new programs and I can't use Ctrl-alt-del to open task manager. My only option and solution is to do a hard power-button reset on the PC. During this half-crash, I can move my mouse just fine, there's no frame rate issues, and videos that are playing will continue to play audio and video for some time.
  2. This likely is part of the same issue? It only occurs when my monitors are in sleep mode. When I try and shake them awake, they are unresponsive entirely. Again, the only easy solution is a hard button reset.
I got the graphics card a couple days after the rest of the computer was built (used an old one before that), and I didn't have the issue then, so my suspect is on my 1080Ti ROG. The card was in good condition when purchased and we vetted the seller with live benchmarks as well, so nothing seemed off-putting, and besides this issue the card runs at great temps and extraordinarily well. The crash isn't correlated to high temps or stress, in fact - it seems to be the opposite way - the crash only occurs when nothing in particular is happening (such as when I'm away from my PC, or when I'm doing something menial like grading or watching youtube). I've looked everywhere for how to describe my issue, but I can't find anyone else with the same problems.

Attempted Solutions:
- Stopping all overclocking on MSI Afterburner
- Updating graphics card drivers
- Finding alternative shutdown methods when I experience the soft-crash (on occasions, I can open a cmd window and shut down from there with some success)

Specs of note:
- Asus ROG 1080Ti
- Ryzen 7 5800X
- ROG Strix B550-A Gaming motherboard