Strange emachines N-10 problems(cant figure it out)


Aug 1, 2012
I have just received a laptop from my uncle....A Emachines N-10 . It had a bad freezing problem so I replaced the hard drive to fix that problem. All seemed to be perfect after I finished installing a few programs. I ran advanced system care :non: I went to a friends house to pick up my phone and when I came back the desktop was black and would not respond to task manager. I restarted the laptop in safe mode and it took for ever to boot. once it booted and showed the desktop I ran Advanced system care in safe mode to fix some problems that may have caused the issue. I restarted the laptop once again and it took a while to bring the desktop back up, but was running good again. I restarted the laptop again to see if all was well, and then it happened again but time I heard the desktop come up and also heard a pop up from the task bar. I was very frustrated with this after multiple reboots the laptop was running fine again.....well just froze as soon as I was typing this. restarted it again and its black again...I heard the desktop come up and I have no picture..I could see the pointer for about 10 seconds before it went black ..the screen is on.....please somebody help me out.

Sounds like there is probably a hardware issue beyond just the hard drive. probably the motherboard is going bad. advanced system care can't fix faulty / bad hardware...