Question Strange frame lag in some games


Apr 6, 2022
Is a while that I have some "strange" frame lag, I will make a list with all my PC parts and then explain exactly what happen and from how many time happen

PC parts (settings):

msi z390 tomahawk (PTT enabled)
i5 9600K @4.6 Ghz (all core), 4.3 Ghz(cache, it was also at 4.6 but the problem was persisting) 1.22v (vcore)(rest all in defoult/suggested/auto)
2x8GB Trident Z Royal (cl16 3200Mhz defoult XMP profile, 1.345v)(The gold ones, but I think is useless)
ATC800 (gigabyte cooler)
1060 6GB Asus Dual OC (the actual oc version)(80% or 85% power limit(don t remember) +100Mhz core(it goes at 2Ghz(a bit more)))
SSD 860 evo 1TB (sata 6Gb/s)(RAPID, TRIM active)
TD500l (1 standard rear fan)
x 3 itek fans argb(molex connected so they run at 100%)
Sharkoon icewind black 750W(80+ bronze)
a chinese argb hub

The problem
In this 2 game I have some frame lag, is just for a sec but is periodic, almost every 10 min I think.
The GAMES are, Fortnite(low settings, reflex on +gpu, epic settings only on distance, medium on effects and post processing, 900p windowed), Fallout 76 (low settings same resolution).
I play other games, and also do other things, I use unreal engine or also just web browsing.
Is not stuttering cause I had it before and v sync solve it enough, till I have an high refresh rate monitor I have no tyring or stuttering.
I don t have a lot of programs installed and so in back ground, just the system ones and a few(msi center, afterburner, rivia tuner statistic(I actually use for cap fallout and gta5 fps), nvidia panel, realtek,the fan engine controler(c somthing speed is called, probably cfan, is from msi btw) and led keeper(the msi led controller)+msi fusion (and epic games of course).
The first time it happened something strange was with a game called war thunder, the pc was slow af, with all low settings usuallt was on 120(capped) but some times the fps fall till 60 or above, texture was not loading correctly, actually a mess.
In arround a month I decided of unistalling it, I was worried about it was destrying my pc, I checked for some virus/backdoors, and nothing I have no viruses impacting my performance as I thought.
So I keep playing my other games(Fortnite, Rocket league, gtaV, nsf heat, ets2 and till 2 weeks also fallout 76), but in some I got the problem, I m descibing.
Unluckly Fortnite is not doing an event till season 2 end, so I havent recorded nothing during the after warthunder, but I can do it now.
Also, on fortnite and I don t know in the others game, texture are loaded with low presetting and then after some secs become the actual texture it have to have(after the war thunder fact)
Actually the fps counters(also the ingame) seems not detect this fps drop soo the problem is way more mysterious.
I don t think is some stability problem cause the problem was before I ve done any change and anyway I tested the system soo hard.
What can be? I m worried about the ssd cause the texture loading problem.
Btw, tems are lower then 70° when I play, goes up to 75 if I do a stress test(on both cpu and gpu).
It seems like is not a cpu bottleneck cause my core usually don t goes more then 50%, only in Fortnite tille the last month update I get, while in the final safe in team rumble, 80% in all cores, the gpu goes from 100-96% to 80% and fps goes from a stable 120 to 60 really unstable(60-70-90 randomly really fast).
The cpu bottleneck described I think is actually because in multiplayer the cpu have to calculate also the others players, so in a normal match where you are in a max of 10 but usually 5 I have no problem, while in 20/40 I have the bottleneck.

I told everything about my problem(the fps lag), hope someone can help me, I will try using v sync and seeing if the game capture see this frame lag,
Thanks for anyone ready for help me
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