Question Strange Freezing Issue

May 21, 2022

in late 2021 I bought a pc with msi b550 gaming plus mobo, rtx 3070, 16 gb RAM and AMD ryzen 5600x CPU. After a month stra issue arised. While playing games, usb plug in, plug out sound plays and then internet drops (via Ethernet) then pc freezes. Only solution is to restart the pc. I tried to format the pc, nothing changed. It happens randomly. Does anyone know the cause Of the problem and solution?

sorry for my English. It is not my native language.


Your English is fine.

Update your post to include:

PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition (original, new, refurbished, used)? Heavy gaming use - correct?

Disk drive(s): make, model, capacity, how full?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer. Either one or both may be capturing some error codes, warnings, or even informational events just before or at the times of the freezes.

Start with Reliability History. Reliability History presents a time line format so you might see some errors, etc. that started about a month ago as I understand your post.

Red circles and yellow triangles especially. May be a pattern of some sort.
May 21, 2022
Hi, i am sorru for late repyl. My pc was in inspection. But i still got the issue. I attached the full list of my pc parts. here it is:

And in reliability history i am getting hardware error with this information (sorry it is in turkish)

Sorun imzası
Sorun Olay Adı: LiveKernelEvent
Kod: 117
Parametre 1: ffffb08360da4460
Parametre 2: fffff80766490f90
Parametre 3: 0
Parametre 4: 3bd8
İşletim sistemi sürümü: 10_0_19044
Hizmet Paketi: 0_0
Ürün: 768_1
OS Sürümü: 10.0.19044.
Yerel Kimlik: 1055

And also when i check hardware manager there is an yellow triangle in AMD USB 3.1 eXtensible Host controller. When i restart it is gone.

Btw i recntly updated the BIOS but i think the issue got worse.

In event viewer there is a red exclamation point which says "Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller has a Hardware IO error."

And also i tried an external ethernet card but issue happened again.

Please help me :(