Question Strange GPU coil whine problem

May 30, 2020

I have an MSI GTX 1080 in my PC and it has served me with blissful silence for the past two years, until yesterday. I started getting a really loud coil whine everytime I played a game without v-sync on. A quick google search told me that the coil whine is usually something that you can't completely get rid of once it happens but you can limit it since it is proportional to the load on the GPU. That would also nicely explain why v-sync removes it completely (or inaudible for me atleast) since I have a 60Hz monitor and that would make v-sync cap the games' fps to 60, strongly limiting the load on the GPU. The problem is that in some games enabling v-sync causes a massive amount of input lag. It completely destroys my performance when competing online in fast paced pvp games or speedrunning some really clutch-jumpy platformers. I already have a rather slowish 60Hz IPS monitor to deal with so to add a sloppily implemented v-sync on top of that becomes unbearable. I thought that maybe capping the fps via the in-game settings or with a 3rd party program like RivaTuner would help, but strangely that didn't affect the coil whine at all. Even capping my GPU's power consumption to 50% with MSI AfterBurner didn't do diddley squat. The only thing that seems to affect it is v-sync, but not in all games, though. When I play World of Warcraft Classic or Mega Man 11, I don't get any squeal no matter what settings I use, but with StarCraft 2 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion I get a ridiculous screech that I can hear even through my noise isulated case all the way to the other side of the living room, and it's driving me nuts! Luckily using desktop based programs in Windows doesn't cause any squeal since I'm an avid audiophile and an amateur music producer and sound designer so silence is essential when I'm working. I just wish I could also game without both v-sync AND the squeal. Any ideas?
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