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Discussion Strange gpu usage with low fps


Sep 22, 2017
i want to discuss with you on a strange problem that i have in all of my games(but since bf1 is my main game i chose to post here)

im experiencing low fps in the game(around 70 and sometimes even below 60) with my beast:

ryzen 1700
16gb one slot 2666mhz
antec 550W psu

and i'll save you some thoughts:

  1. the game runs on 1080p ultra settings
  2. no frame rate limiters etc
  3. the control panel settings are all on prefer maximum performance
  4. the card is on PCIe x16
  5. all drivers are up-to-date
  6. benchmarks are within the normal range for my system
so i narrowed the problem to gpu usage - my gpu has only about 60% usage on average on this settings....
i have no idea how to increase the usage(besides the resolution scale, which i prefer not to change).
i saw some gaming performance with the 8700K on 1080p ultra, and the card gave almost 100% usage so the user got 150FPS on average...

any idea how to solve this strange usage problem? i know that my gpu doesn't event blink in 1080p but when it uses only 60% of its power its kinda missing the point...

note- the question copied from battlefield forums so all the settings are related to bf1