Question Strange Graphical Artifacts

Sep 12, 2022
I was once playing a game and I button smashed out of frustration. Idk why, but this somehow resulted in me not being able to open some applications, and by some I mean every app except for the ones that were already running. What would happen was that they would open, run for a few seconds and then close even if they were loading, almost like alt+f4 was on sticky keys. That stayed throughout restarts and after some research i decided to reset my computer completely, because I didn't really have anything important my computer. This is where my current problem started, as u can see in the photo, I started getting these weird graphical artifacts. It started with weird textures in game and then i started getting these weird pixels in my game/random crashes and a whole bunch of stuff. I've tried sharing my screen over discord and my friends tell me they can see it so I don't think it has anything to do with my monitor. I've tried everything, resetting my pc again and completely reinstalling my graphics drivers, and even turning down and up my gpu clock settings in msi afterburner which doesn't really seem to stop the issue or even change much. The windows+ctrl+shift+b thing helps me remove the artifacts from my screen but honestly the game crashes and the glitches are beginning to pose a real problem. I also am not sure if this error could cause further damage to my pc so I want to try and get it resolved as soon as possible. If anyone has any ideas of what has gone wrong and what I can try to do to fix it please let me know, I have also heard that something may be wrong with some missing "registries" on my computer and I'm not sure how I would tackle that.

This is the link to the image I'm honestly not sure how to add it to the thread


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