Question strange high GPU %

Jun 5, 2020
hi everyone,

noticed this issue tonight for the first time and really troubled by it. my PC is only a few months old too so would really like some help. i'm a PC rookie so if you could explain some concepts in simpler terms, that'd be appreciated.

i'm a online poker player and tonight whilst grinding i noticed my PC started going crazy bigtime. 'game modules' are the poker web clients which i run multiple instances of. whilst my PC went into meltdown, i couldn't open task manager without closing a poker client and couldnt open chrome page (it'd open but just be blank white). the moment i closed the poker program, PC instantly started working as per normal. having a look in task manager, it seems my issue isn't with the CPU but with the GPU but it's not even the poker windows clogging it but 'system'?! in 2nd screenshot i closed a couple of modules so it shows 85% GPU usage but was at 99% before.

  1. is it actually the GPU? i do have a budget GPU but i have no issues playing warzone everynight so this seems odd
  2. why is 'system' causing this issue all of a sudden?! have updated radeon software to latest
-ryzen 5 3600
-radeon rx 570 8GB
-32 GB RAM (not sure if relevant)
-B450 mobo

thanks everyone