Question Strange Input Lag


Mar 13, 2016
So, for almost a year my laptop has been suffering from input lag when I do something on it. I'm gonna explain everything.
The model is ACER Aspire R7, a pretty old laptop already, but it isn't too bad. It has a SSD, a GeForce 750M and a Core i5 processor. So the problem is, when playing games for example, the mouse and keyboard lags a lot, like having 8 FPS, while the rest of the game is normal (all effects are high FPS). When I exit the game, the mouse and keyboard keep lagging.
So I've tested it with another mouse (the same happens even with the trackpad) and keyboard, I've reinstalled their drivers as well as the drivers for the USB buses, I've even reset windows a few times and nothing changes.
It's been a while, I mostly use my desktop now, but still if I want to play Minecraft with my brother I have to give him that laptop because there's no other option.
Even weirder, when playing GTA V for example it rarely lags, but with Minecraft and other games it does all the time.
It's really weird and I don't know what else I can do to fix it. I've run all kinds of applications, but none can fix it.
Any suggestions anyone?